How good is a $99 Splash Proof Action Camera gimbal?

Hohem iSteady Pro2:

Spoiler Alert!!! For $99, you get a ton of features and it's compatible with almost all actions cameras. HyperSmooth (GoPro) and Rocksteady (Osmo Action) are insanely good but also have limitations. If you use RockSteady on the Osmo Action, it significantly crops into the footage in order for the internal digital stabilization to work properly. By using a gimbal, you can turn RockSteady off, giving you a full image without punching in, as well as providing stable footage. Also, you can now stabilize your Osmo Action HDR video with the gimbal. I'm all about portability and gimbals don't normally fit into my workflow, but I can see a huge benefit in using them if you take the time to bring it around and use them. In this video, I talk about the pros and cons of this very affordable $99 action camera gimbal.

How to Shoot Long Exposure Photography with the DJI Osmo Action and Freewell ND1000 Filter

Freewell Osmo Action ND1000 -

I really like doing long exposure photography with my drones, and now I'm able to do them with my DJI Osmo Action and the new ND1000 filter from FREEWELL. In this video, I walk you through 'How to Shoot Long Exposure Photos with the ND1000 Filter'. I run through the filter I use, how I setup the shot and how to better understand the exposure values that effect your photos.

Behind the Code with Spark Aerial - FT Aviator Drone Controller

Today, we go Behind the Code with Spark Aerial and talk about the type of work they do, as well as the new FT Aviator Drone Controller. I'm starting a new series, shining light on companies and people behind the scenes of your favorite drone and camera gear. Spark Aerial is a San Diego based company, working with major brands like DJI and General Electric to create the software that enables precise and data driven drone flights.

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